Daphne A. Rodgers  

“I want my client’s self portrait to exude confidence – and a positive attitude because a woman’s image of herself is hard to destroy.”

Daphne A. Rodgers has been doing hair since her high school years, which date back to 1992. She is unlike many stylists in the respect that the beauty industry chose her and not the other way around. Daphne explains, “I initially got into cosmetology in high school because all of my friends were in the class; however, I was one of the few that stayed in the class.” She realized that her friends enrolled in the class because it was the trend at the time. Once her father saw his daughter’s talent, he soon began to invest in her career by purchasing products and tools she could use to study the art of hair styling. Over a decade later, Daphne has not only become a skilled hair stylist but a remarkable example for someone who knows how to “take the lead.”

However, Daphne isn’t only concerned with the beauty industry. She is also an associate for Prepaid Legal Services, Inc., a company whose primary focus is on protecting the legal rights of every citizen.

Specialty: Healthy Hair

Daphne A. Rodgers

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